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It was also a pleasure to have you inspect our home. You do a fantastic job and are very thorough. We will get the septic checked out and hopefully it's only minor and all will be ok. I have looked over the report and it's very easy to follow and understand. Please let us know the outcome of the water in the next week. Enjoy the rest of the summer and we will give you a call and recommend you to anyone looking for an inspection on their home. We are definately up to the task of the remodel, at least I am.!" N.C., moving to Central PA from Upstate NY

"Good morning Greg,
Thanks for the extra photos!!!! Also, many, many thanks for being so thorough in your inspection of my home and taking the time to talk to me (and Dad) afterward. I will probably have some questions for you once I've gotten a chance to really examine your report and let it all sink in...for now, I'm just enjoying the relief that comes with knowing that the house I love is in good condition. Hope you have a great weekend!" JS, buying a home in Milton

We move around a lot. This is the 4th Home Inspection we've had and no one has spent the time explaining issues that you have. We really appreciate your willingness to thoroughly answer all our questions and concerns. ~D.B., buying a home in Lewisburg

Hey Greg, just a short note to let you know we were both very impressed with the promptness you showed in getting to our house inspection and forwarding the results to us. We were also impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and the detailed report! As we told you, we are moving into the area from out of state and therefore find ourselves dependant on the phone as well as e-mail service in conducting the required tasks entailed in purchasing our home. Your professionalism and dedication to your clients was evident in your handling of our case and we look forward to meeting you in person in the near future. Thanks so much. ~G.P. and M.P., buying a home in Mifflinburg

Thank you for the excellent home inspection as well as the .pdf file of the report. We sold our house on our own and found the .pdf report to be a useful tool with potential buyers. Because it was a digital copy, all we had to do was e-mail it to all interested buyers. The family that bought the house examined the document thoroughly and highlighted items they had questions about. ~T.W., selling a home in Lewisburg

Mr. Mathias, Thank you for the report. We have decided after seeing it that we will not take the house. Since it is the first one we are buying, we felt that there were just too many repairs to be made and we would like something a little more move-in ready. We will send you a check today - this was money well spent. Thank you for your time. ~D.Q. and L.Q., moving into the area from California

Thank you for completing this in such a timely manner. The report was very easy to review - I like the use of the pictures. It helps in understanding what is being explained. Looks very professional! I will be contacting my client to review with her. Thank you again for the service. ~R.M., Real Estate Agent for a home buyer moving to Danville

Greg, I thought the report was great. I should have moved my garbage can before you took the photo of the house! If I was a buyer looking at the report, I would think everything was very clear and easy to follow. As a seller, it really helps me to have this so I can fix some things and check them off. I really appreciate all the work you put into this. (It was especially a big relief to know my sump pump works, and I know that was a big pain for you to check.) Thanks again. ~A.A., preparing to sell a home in Lewisburg

I want to compliment you on the excellent job you did for us. We followed your recommendations and made the repairs. I don't know if the other inspectors we have used would have found those issues. We are so happy that those venting issues are solved. I hope to be using you over and over again! ~S.W., realtor for a home buyer moving to Elysburg

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