Septic Systems and Drinking Water

Septic systems and other on-site waste water treatment systems are prevalent in rural areas and in small communities that do not have public sewer systems. While there is a wide variety in the types and styles of these systems, most of them will last a long time, assuming they were properly constructed and maintained. Unfortunately for the new home owner, proper construction and maintenance are difficult to confirm…and the property owner is responsible to ensure that the waste system is operating properly. Replacement of the system will need to adhere to modern standards and may be very expensive. We strongly recommend that if the home you are considering has an on-site waste water treatment system, you should have a thorough inspection of the system to confirm that it is in good working condition, and learn the correct behaviors to maintain a healthy system.

Clean water is one of our most precious natural resources. Unfortunately, it is under siege from industrial and agricultural chemicals, improper solid waste disposal, faulty septic systems, and many other sources. If the home you are considering uses a well or a spring as a water source, we strongly recommend that you have the water tested. Catmando Home Inspections uses two independent testing laboratories that are PA DEP approved for testing potable water.

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